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Dreaming of the perfect vacation? - Search No Further! Vacay ideas here!!

Look over there -- where the sparkling ocean meets the bluest sky ~ it's calling me!  Where will your travel dreams lead you?

Dreaming of the perfect vacation? - Search No Further! Vacay ideas here!!

Look over there -- where the sparkling ocean meets the bluest sky ~ it's calling me!  Where will your travel dreams lead you?


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Welcome to Dream Travel Today where you'll find  a travel agent services & expertise in the ins and outs of smooth sailing when it comes to hassle free vacation planning.  Beyond that, this site is dedicated to travel information vital to both travel inspiration and ideas, but also blogging about travel issues today.

One universal dream for most people is to dream of seeing  far away places.  It only takes one great travel agent to make those vacation dreams come true.  

Let's find your personal idea of paradise!

Mass Tourism— aka Over-Tourism Issues

Responsible Travel and Over-tourism Issues

Responsible travel is a moral obligation for all of us that is much needed in a world that is often over populated and not educated on how a simple thing, like taking a vacation -- comes with both responsibilities and rules.

Take it from someone who lives in a popular tourist destination, “We love you, but we are not happy with the unintended problems having you visit us constantly creates on a daily basis.”  We suffer long lines, traffic, crowded venues, crowded restaurants, rude behavior, and cultural differences that present a just a few of the problems other people’s vacation fun brings to our lives.

That great vacation rental house you snagged at a bargain price that is next door to our house, the one with the swimming pool?  Well, your vacation loud pool parties night after night get a little old.  So does waking up to strangers walking about and leaving trash all over.  

So why would being a travel agent become a responsibility to also teach and preach - responsible travel?  Well, we believe everyone who can, should travel and travel extensively.  It enriches your life in ways that you cant even imagine.  It not just the lives of locals that are impacted, but its also about the quality of your vacation experience is also hampered when over-crowded over-tourism exists without check.  

Dream Travel Today would be remiss to not actively encourage everyone to “think twice” about their impact on the places they love to travel to.  Many places none of us would want to miss seeing and experiencing, are currently suffering under the weight of mass tourism, aka over tourism.


Take Amsterdam for example.  First this country is a small one, with a population of 17 million.  The population of the city of Amsterdam is 860,124 and it is only 85 square miles in size.  Yet, Amsterdam alone will be invaded with 19 million tourists this year alone, which is more than the population of the entire country.   In another four years, this number of tourists to Amsterdam is expected to morph into 29 million visitors.  That comes with more than a few problems.

So, you can’t really blame the locals who don’t appreciate the noisy, binge-drinking, partying, urinating in the streets, vomiting tourists.  And they are fighting back, with new laws and rules for anyone coming to Amsterdam.  No more new hotels.  No more new souvenir shops.  Private rentals and Airbnb’s, are under increasingly tight regulations, and possibility in danger of being banned.  

It’s not that you aren’t welcomed as a tourist.  It’s all about the quality of life of the people who live there everyday and balance, as a tourist destination.

Fines for bad behavior, public drunkenness, and urinating in public have been dramatically increased and you either pay-on-the-spot or go to jail.   Over tourism isn’t unique to Amsterdam.  These and other travel related over tourism issues are sadly now worldwide issues. 

Vacation destinations, such as just a few listed featured destinations on Dream Travel Today’s site are drowning in tourists: 

  • Amsterdam, Holland
  • Angkor Wat, Vietnam
  • Bali, Indonesia 
  • Barcelona, Spain 
  • Boracay, Philippines
  • Cinque Terre, Italy
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • Galapagos Island, Ecuador 
  • Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA
  • Iceland
  • Machu Picchu, Peru  
  • Mount Everest, Nepal
  • Santorini,  Greece
  • Sequoia National Park, California, USA 
  • Thai Islands, Thailand 
  • Venice, Italy 
  • Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA
  • Yosemite, California, USA
  • Zion National Park, Utah

Relax and let us do the work!

Dream Travel Today Promises

Big or small -- oy is always found at the ocean

While working with a Dream Travel Today agent, we want you to be completely satisfied.  

Let's face it - life often hands you unexpected problems, even on your much deserved vacation.  Natural disasters, unexpected weather events, lost or stolen passports, missed connections -- are just a few of the snafus that can and occasionally can happen even to the best well planned trip.   This is where having a real travel agent on your side can save the day.

This travel agency guarantees to you are simple:

  • Never a fee for any of our services
  • Expert help in deciding where and when to go
  • No hassle reliable and dependable bookings done for you
  • Expert problem solving should any travel blip in your enjoyment of your vacation  occur -- we are your backup team
  • Custom trips uniquely chosen to fit your needs and travel dreams at the  best prices available
  • The best possible price for value
  • Top travel tips
  • Top travel safety information

Take a breather and 

leave the travel details to us!

Featured Specials

Dreaming of Seeing Italy? Gotta See Rome?

Dreaming of Italy - Cruises to Rome (Civitavecchia)

Dream Travel Today has 52 exciting cruise trips available to book your next or first trip to Italy in 2019!  Each of these cruises are on 18 different fabulous cruise ships.  They vary in port destinations and can be found from short 3 night cruises to even 22 night vacation choices.  Starting as low as $349, you'll find great added value and wonderful cruises to fit any budget and vacation time restraint.

Departures range from --  Amsterdam; Athens; Barcelona; Ft. Lauderdale; Genova; Marseille; Miami;  New York; Rome; Singapore; Southampton; and Venice.

And when it comes to all the amazing different ports of call on these various trips -- you'll get excited to learn how many of your dream travel ports of call destinations there are to choose from:

Here's just a few port of call hints!  Oh! Just think of all the places you could also go see on your dream vacation!

  • Alicante, Spain
  • Athens, Greece
  • Cannes, France
  • Chania, Greece
  • Florence, Italy
  • Halfa, Sudan
  • Jerusalem, Israel
  • Katakolon, Greece
  • Kolor, Montenegro
  • La Spezia, Italy
  • Limassoi, Cypress
  • Malta
  • Monaco
  • Mykonos, Greece
  • Nafplion, Greece
  • Naples, Italy
  • Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  • Ponta Delgada, Portugal
  • Portofino, Italy
  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Salerno, Italy
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Sete, France
  • Souda Bay, Crete, Greece
  • Split, Croatia
  • Taormina, Italy
  • Toulon, France
  • Valencia, Spain
  • Villefranche, France

Do you have a favorite cruise ship or cruise line? Some of the many ships  (but are not limited to) on our list that include Italy and Rome destination ports  are:

  • Celebrity Constellation
  • Celebrity Edge
  • Celebrity Infinity
  • Celebrity Reflection
  • Celebrity Silhouette
  • Crystal Serenity
  • Emerald Princess
  • Jewel of the Seas
  • Oasis of the Seas
  • Pacific Princess
  • Rhapsody of the Seas
  • Sky Princess
  • Viking Star
  • Vision of the Seas

In addition to your preferred dream cruise -- Dream Travel Today will alsp assist you in booking the best fares for air destinations; pre and after cruise accommodations; land excursions; and any other travel needs you may have -- It's your dream vacation -- Let's make your dreams come true!

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Early Bird Special - 4 Night Bro'vacation Caribbean




You work hard and you play hard. That’s what being young is all about! But hold on - Woah. . .  sometimes with the daily grind and with all that adulting you need a break.  You might even need a break from your best girl.  

Short on time? No problem. Whether you’re into action-packed adventures or just beachside chill, you’re just one click away from a real “bro’-’cation” mini-vacation. The best part is, you won't even need to use up all your vacation days.  Plus, you’ll still have time for the one you love -- when you get back!  

Bro-vacations are for guys only -- and this one includes:

  • Bragging rights your squad earns conquering the tallest waterslide in North America.  
  • Flying high above in a helium balloon.  
  • Swimming up to the bar in the Bahamas’ newest and largest freshwater pool. 
  • Chillin’ N Hangin’ on in a private overwater cabana on a perfect day in CocoCay.

Talk about more surprises -- onboard the ship on this particular bro-vacation:  

  • Your squad of long weekend warriors can dive fully into a virtual world bungee trampoline experience. 
  • Your adventure hungry team can be found hangin’ ten on a surf simulator
  • Make bets on who is going to win the race down the dual water slides or who will scream like a girl on the loudest on the way down? 
  • Go toe-to-toe and head-to-head in a glow-in-the-dark laser tag game

Let’s Not Forget the Night LIfe Onboard This Cruise

If your squad comes to life when the day winds down and the night heats up onboard -- it’s time for both craft brews, tiki-inspired cocktails, mojitos, salsa dancing, singalongs and making bro-memories on nights you might not remember with the friends you’ll never forget -- you’ve booked yourself on the right ship.

Last, but not least - let's not forget that this cruise to the Bahamas includes a group deep sea fishing excursion at the first port of call destination - Nassau, Bahamas!  Shared fishing bragging rights for  a mahi mahi adventure - guaranteed best bro' adventure -- the one none of you will ever forget.

Looking for at least 6 good men!! How many in your squad?

Find Out More About This Bro'vacation

Destination - 7 Day Alaska - Ovation of the Seas - Friday, May 24, 2019 to Friday, May 31, 2019

Alaskan Bear

Leaving Seattle, Washington - you'll head north to Alaska, cruising Alaska's inside Passage to Juneau before you head to Skagway.  From there, you'll cruise on to the famous Dawes Glacier before heading south and stopping at Victoria, British Columbia - for your last day back to Seattle.

Royal Caribbean's Ovations of the Seas will thrill you with 300 foot high views in its North Star  observation pod-- of the stunning sights only to be found bound to Alaska.  For the more adventure minded on board there are roller skating and bumper cars at its Seaplex.  

This ship is known for its Jamie Oliver Italian dining and the Wonderland Imaginative fine dining.  Let's also not forget that you haven't truly moved into this millennium age until you've been served a drink by the robotic bartenders of Bionic Bar .

There will be plenty to do at each port of call:  First, Juneau offers whale watching, salmon bakes, and views of Mendenhall Glacier.  Then, there are float trips, ziplines, helicopter ice fields, helicopter dog sledding, gold panning, and lots of great shopping.

Moving on, In the port of Skagway, you'll find:

  • Glacier ATV Tour
  • Skagway City & White Pass Summit
  • Helicopter Glacier Discovery
  • White Pass Summit Rail & Bus Excursion
  • Fjord Explorer
  • Ocean Raft Adventure
  • Yukon Dog Musher Adventure Tour
  • Skagway Golf
  • Jet Boat Adventure

By the time you get to Endicot Arm & Dawes Glacier -- and see all the amazing harbor seals, views of brown bears, bald eagles, sea ducks, deer, moose and wolves, as you make your way thru the stunning Endicott Arm Fjord -- you'll be able to brag that you've actually seen an iceberg and the real Alaska.

Lastly, in Victoria, British Columbia there will be enough culture and adventures for all.  Also don't miss city slicker shopping will satisfy even the most tasteful shoppers as you explore its designer boutiques and Indie stores.

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