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Airline Travel Pillows

Top Airline Travel Pillows 2019

With ever shrinking airline seating making long distance travel downright a nightmare when it comes to discomfort, we reviewed three top travel pillows types, as sleeping in comfort also means not arriving at your destination with a stiff neck or backache.  Here are Dream Travel Today's top picks for travel pillows specifically for airline long distance travel.


U-Shaped Pillows:  Pretty much standard for airplane sleeping are the popular u-shaped pillows.  Among them the top rated one is the Sendi Travel Pillow Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow with bag.  Pros: Anti-bacterial; washable color; breathable memory foam; and comes conveniently with its own travel bag.  Cons: Some travelers found that it was too firm for their tastes.  It is temperature influenced in terms of softness, with the memory foam becoming softer in warmer temperatures.  Price Point Range:  About $25.

Ergonomic Pillows:  These pillows are designed to give the best support for the head, neck and shoulders.  Among them, the top rated one is the adjustable Travelrest Ultimate Inflatable Pillow.  Pros: It rolls up small: attaches to the airline seat; easy to inflate; and it's washable.  Cons: Bulky if blown up and not in use.  Price Point Range: About $25.

Inflatable Pillows:  There is a lot of variety when it comes to the shapes and sizes of inflatable pillows, but one inflatable travel pillow stands out above the rest -- the Sencezo Inflatable Travel Pillow Sleep Air - with Eye Mask, Earplugs, and a Carry Pouch. Pros: Adjustable; rapid inflate/deflate; and supports upper body. Cons: Some people found it too warm; others found it difficult to roll up after deflating.  Price Point Range:  $22 to $33.

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Dream Travel Today's Review of Travel Pillows 2019

Dream Travel Today's Review of Travel Pillows 2019

Sendi Travel Pillow

TravelRest Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

Sencezo Inflatable Travel Pillow