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Safe Travel Includes Making Sure That The Travel Backpack You Buy Is Anti-theft.

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Top Airline Anti-theft Travel Backpacks 2019

Best Anti-Theft Travel & Business Backpacks 

For many of us traveling today, our carry-on hand luggage for airplane flights, train travel, and even cruise travel includes the need to bring electronic equipment such as laptops, Ipads, smart phones, and camera equipment.  None of which are things that given the prices of them, any of us would be totally comfortable having in checked luggage.  Sadly, increasingly we also have to keep in mind that our carry-on luggage and backpacks require anti-theft considerations.  

Here at Dream Travel Today, we are reminded of several vacation destinations where we encountered the need for anti-theft backpacks during our adventures.  There was the time in Madrid, Spain when one of us was practically surrounded by a youthful gang trying to get at one of our backpacks.  There was the time in St. Louis, when one of our backpacks was lifted while we were purposely distracted by someone supposedly wanting directions and their companion made off with the bag sitting near us.  And there was the time in Belize, when the backpack strap was cut in a grab and run.  Even here, living in a major tourist destination, we locals have to guard our belongings, including backpacks, at local beaches and theme parks.  This is a worldwide problem when traveling.

One of the ways tourists and business travelers can be proactive in making sure they don’t lose their valuables is to invest in well-made backpacks especially designed to make it less convenient for the would-be thieves.  

These are our top picks for anti-theft backpacks and travel backpacks.

Koein Design ClickPack Pro - Anti-theft Backpack Laptop Bag with USB Charging Port - Pros: TSA approved lock, retractable wire lock, slash resistant fabric, ample pockets, balanced weight distribution, lightweight, water resistant, comfortable and well-designed.  Cons: Can be difficult to add items to backpack easily once packed.  Price Point Range: $150.

Bopai Business Anti-Theft Backpack - Pros: Fits 15.6 laptops, has intelligent increase compartment, water resistant, USB charging compartment, roomy, stabilization strap, water bottle holder, cooler backside, invisible compartment, high quality, and luggage handle strap.  Cons: Could use more pockets.  More for carry on electronics than other handbag items. Not as anti-theft as other similar bags.  Price Point Range: Around $120 

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25 Liter Anti-theft Backpack Laptop Bag -  Pros: Lightweight, Turn and lock security hooks, slashguard straps, smart zipper security, RFID blocking pocket, 2 bottle pockets, adjustable wrist strap.  Cons: Some complaints about it being difficult to adjust straps. Price Point Point Range: Around $120. 

Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Weekender Carry On Backpack -  Pros:  Hide away option for straps, great front organizer pockets, roomy main compartment, compression straps, flight approved size, and adjustable sternum strap. Cons: Good for price but not as quality as other backpacks reviewed. Price Point Point: Around $50.

Bopai Intelligent Increase Travel Backpack

Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Weekender Carry On Backpack

PacSafe Metrosafe LS 450 25 liter Travel Backpack