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Castles In Ireland

Castles In Ireland

Exploring castles in Ireland

Pack your suitcase, let’s explore Castles in Ireland where ancient castles are said to be so many that you can’t count them.  You’ll find them in all states of repair and disrepair.  The Irish were building castles long before the both the William the Conqueror and Normans arrived and definitely way before the Medieval castles were being built.  

It would be hard to pick the best castles to see in Ireland, but there some definite “must see” castles that Dream Travel Today, suggests: 


Check back as we add more Castles in Ireland and all about the Irish building of castles.

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Castles of Ireland

Rock of Cashel, CoUnty Tipperary, Ireland

Rock of Cashel, County Tipperary, Ireland

Rock of Cashel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland - draws its name from St. Patrick’s Rock (aka Cashel of Kings) where the castle was built perched high upon the rocks. The Irish say that Rock of Cashel is where St.Patrick banished the Devil from a cave and sent the rocks crashing upon Cashel.  Today it houses a remarkable collection of Celtic art and is a true Medieval wonderment in terms of unique architecture innovations.

Cahir Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland

Cahir Castle, County Tipperary, Ireland

Among the largest and best preserved Irish castles, Cahir Castle played a major role in the Irish Confederate Wars where it was surrendered to Oliver Cromwell during his conquest of Ireland, without a weapon being used.  If it seems familiar and you saw the film, ""Excalibur or the TV series "The Tutors," that's because Cahir was the filming location for both.

King John’s Castle, County Limerick, Ireland

King John's Castle, County Limerick, Ireland

King's Island, in County Limerick, is the home of King John's Castle and a fine Irish example of Norman castles sitting on the River Shannon.  It's ancient history began with the Vikings and its a striking and impressive Irish castle and a national Irish treasure shout out to the rich history of the Irish people and their castle building skills. 

Ross Castle, County Kerry, Ireland

Ross Castle, County Kerry, Ireland

A horse, a table, a library of books and an Irishman named O'Donoghue leaped from the tower grand chamber of Ross Castle into to the waters of the lake which hid a great palace at the bottom where he still lives today keeping a careful watch upon his castle above,  Now there’s a legend to ponder upon as you explore one of County Kerry’s most interesting castles. 

Bunratty Castle, County Clare, Ireland

Bunratty Castle, County Clare, Ireland

Bunratty Castle, County Clare, Ireland - This motte and bailey castle is the fourth in a long history of castles upon the same County Clare site.  All of them including the one standing today have seen a lot of battles and wars.  The ruins were restored in the 1950s and it remains a wonderful collection of 1600 era castle art and antiquities.

Dunluce Castle, County Antrium, Ireland


Dunlace Castle, Antrium, Ireland - Said to be where the fictional Cair Paravel of the Chronicles of Narnia was planted i the imagination of C. S. Lewis's mind -- these romantic and stoic castle ruins are also given another rebirth in the viewers visual minds, as it's also the Game of Thrones location for filming of the Seat of the House of Greyjoy, the great castle of Pyke.   A must see for any Irish castle lover.

Pack Your Bags for Exploring Ireland

Castles In Ireland

Blarney Castle ,County Cork, Ireland


Lean backwards and kiss the Blarney Stone is not the perilous dangle by your ankles headfirst surreal experience it once was. We’re a little more safety conscious these days. Nonetheless, kissing the ol’ Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Blarney, County Cork, Ireland — pretty much inspires the gift of gab and good luck.  That’s our Irish story and we are sticking to it unquestioned, even if the details are up for debate

Ashford Castle, Cong, County Mayo, Ireland


There are castles and then there are castles turned into hotels,  so imagine staying in a castle is like a dream come true for the guests of Ashford Castle. Imagine an Irish Castle on 350 acres of lush greenery that is nothing less than five star luxury that is both Medieval and Victorian steeped in history.  Aside from that Ashford Castle is also the top choice of many of the rich and famous as the place to stay when in Ireland.

Malahide Castle, Malahide, Ireland


Brave and faithful Malahide Castle has a long and checkered history and in Medieval Irish history. Today you can’t beat the Talbot Botanical Gardens on the grounds for spectacular beauty thanks to Lord Milo Talbot. There’s even a castle playground for the kids and a fairy trail to follow.

Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland


Kilkenny Castle was built on a hill above the River Noire in Kilkenny, Ireland.  Part of the Irish National Art Gallery is housed in the restored Kilkenny Castle making it one of the most popular castles in Ireland.  Kilkenny Castle has everything anyone would want when it comes to exploring and experiencing a real castle. 

Donegal Castle, County Donegal, Ulster, Ireland


Now restored, this small castle is a good bit of Irish history and a real look into the lives of those who lived and built Donegal Castle.  Imagine what it must have been like to live there?  You had to be short for one thing! Doorways are not for the tall. Curved stone and rough cut spiral stairwells are tilted to make it hard for enemies to climb.

Birr Castle , County Offaly, Birr, Ireland


Magical is one word to describe Birr Castle, but understand that the castle is only open to the public on a limited basis during summers as it still the family home of Lord & Lady Rosse, descendants of the Parsons family been there since 1620.   What is unique in Birr Castle’s contribution to history is the owning family’s contributions to science and technology. From the world’s largest telescope in the world in 1840, to the discovery of the Whirlpool Nebula, to a method of calculating the heat of the moon’s surface.  It’s also the birthplace of invention of the steam turbine, which as we all know changed the course of history not only in Ireland but throughout the world.