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Castles in Wales on a starry nite

Castles In Wales

Castles In wales on a Starry night

Are you dreaming of seeing castles at sunset? Well, if you aren’t, you should be, since many castles are lit by more than the starry nights.  One highly recommended way to begin or end your experience of exploring Castles in Wales is to visit them either near sunset the night before or at the end of the day you go.  Even if they are closed, seeing them under the moonlight or just as the sun sets (or rises) is a dream vacation memory not to be missed.  

Here are a few of the Castles in Wales that Dream Travel Today says should not be missed:

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Some of the best and the biggest and the oldest known castles are the Castles In Wales.  Check back as we add more of our favorite Wales castles. 

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Hand-in-Hand With Castles Is A Whole Lotta Walking

Castles In Wales

Conwy Castle, Conwy, Wales


Eight towers split between four on the north and four on the south, making it an impressive fortress castle.  For its time, it was an expensive undertaking and it still has part of its curtain walls and you can climb to the top of some of the towers.  
It’s there on top the towers where you can fully comprehend the vision of King Edward and his chief castle builder - St. George as you gaze upon the Medieval town and castle.

Rhuddlan Castle, Rhuddlan, Wales


This concentric castle ruin is a wonderful example of masonry architecture that dates back to 1277 and Rhuddlan Castle embodies a long battle scarred history in its walls within walls presence.  Rhuddlan Castle’s most imposing original feature is buried in the fact that the River Clwyd was deliberately diverted over two miles to create a deep water channel for King Edward I’s ships.

Caernarfon Castle, Caenarfron, Gwynedd , Wales


Caernarfron Castle is another of King Edward I’s castles, this time a motte and bailey castle that already existed that he replaced with stone and included the building of town walls. The castle design is unique and impressive.  Like the town Caenarfron is well worth spending at least a day exploring.

Chepstow Castle, Chepstow, Wales


Chepstow Castle owns it when it comes to having the oldest known castle doors in Europe - believed to be 800 years young.  The castle itself was a “work in progress” for about five hundred years with additions, rebuilding, renovations and complete tear downs of different aspects.   The Norman Great  Tower and the castle sit upon a narrow sliver of cliff top as if to shout to the world, “Despite it all - I’m still standing.” Longevity is everything when you are a castle.

Carreg Cennen Castle, Trapp, Wales


Sitting high upon a rocky hilltop, Carreg Cennen Castle on a private massive farm, be prepared for some cardio workout as you hike to the top which in itself is a steep twisting and turning adventure.  From the outside the castle looks intact until you step inside the ruins.  Be sure to go the extra mile and see the Kings Chamber and the cave.

Dolwyddelan Castle, Dolwyddelan, Wales


Dolwyddelan Castle, Dolwyddelan, Wales is worth every steep step as you climb uphill to this small bit of castle that takes your breath away with it's sheer beauty when you finally reach the op and see the views.  In it's day it had curtain walls, arrow slits for protection, all perfect for protection in the 13th century.

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