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Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida - Top Gulf Coast Beach

Powdery fine white sand, jet skiers on the bluest of Gulf of Mexico waters, parasailers above you, people gliding by on standup paddle boards, and mostly calm waters -- what more could you ask for on your vacation to one of Florida's most iconic and beloved fun beach getaways?  Here's a map and further information on parking at Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach has always been on the top of our family's list of best beaches to spend the weekend, a week, or even just for the day, since we are semi-local with less than an hour to drive.

What we like best about Clearwater Beach is that it has very convenient parking and several options for that parking.  If you are lugging beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, beach toys, or even a pop up canopy -- the last thing you want to do is to have to traverse long distances from where you park, to where you want to be on the beach. Clearwater has that covered.  They even have an inexpensive  multi-level parking garage with elevators that is directly across from the beach.  There also are lots of other parking facilities and  even street parking for the early birds who are lucky enough to score on-street parking at this location.  

Beyond that, it is just plain conveniences for the best in beach experiences and enjoying time in and on the Gulf of Mexico.   Everything, including a snack bar, clean restrooms, and outdoor showers are all within walking distance right on the beach,  And across the street, you'll find lots of dining and shopping options, including a McDonald's.


One of the top Gulf Coast Beaches in Florida - Clearwater Beach

One of the top Gulf Coast Beaches in Florida - Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

Screamer Boat Ride

Thrill ride that also includes dolphin sightings.

The Sea Screamer - considered the world's largest dual twin-turbo charged diesel speedboat -- is the ultimate thrill ride that zips along, throwing huge wakes, and even gets you a little wet if you choose the wrong seat -- all  big fun guaranteed to garner a few screams of joy.

This is more than a thrill ride adventure, it's also a fun interactive trip to see and be entertained by both the crew and the dolphins.

Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Clearwater Marine Aquarium - Dolphins

This marine aquarium is on a mission to educate, restore, and preserve the marine environment -- so it's not just another marine tourist attraction, but a real chance to see, learn, and interact with rescued marine life.

It's a wonderful unique experience to learn about marine life rescue and rehabilitation from a caring volunteer staff.

Little Toot Dolphin Watching Tour

Little Toot Boat Tour - Clearwater, Florida

It's not very often that you get to actually ride in a tugboat.  Named after the famous hero tugboat, "Little Toot" children's book by Hardie Gramatky (1939)  -- that is bout a young tugboat who does not want to tug and prefers to play making figure figure eights in the harbor, but ends up saving the day by rescuing an ocean liner.   -- Little Toot Boat Tour for Dolphin and Whale Watching tours offer a unique opportunity to watch for both whales and dolphins, who frequent the Clearwater area.

Calypso Queen Tropical Buffet Cruise


If you are into sunsets, music, dancing and great dinner cruises -- the Calypso Queen Tropical Buffet Cruise you won't be disappointed.  Nice buffet, fun crew, entertainment, and rum punch.

It has the best views (especially at sunset) of the Clearwater harbor from its 3rd story observation deck.  Below on the 2nd floor get out and dance!  


Sunset Cruises

Sunset Dinner Cruise - Clearwater, FL

There are many sunset cruises in the Clearwater Beach area that vary from dinner cruises or lunch on catamarans, to double-decker catamarans, to yachts, to a pirate themed ship, and on and on.

You'll find the top waterfront views of the Gulf Coast's scenic panorama of photo op worthy opportunities while you dine on splendid cuisine.

Yacht Starship Evening Cruises


Yacht Starship dinner cruises have it all when it comes to evening dinner cruises -- lounge deck, outdoor deck, a dance floor, and musical entertainment. 

If you are looking for a beautiful ship, or something romantic and relaxing atmosphere with great food and an excellent open bar - Yacht Starship is the way to go.

Beach Day Products You Need At Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach

Fred Marquis Pinellas Trail Loop

Fred Marquis Pinellas  Trail Loop

Grab your water bottle, grab your helmet, grab your bike and head off on a thirty-seven mile historic trail on an abandoned railroad pathway that includes Clearwater Beach.  Don't have a bike?  No problem.  It's also a wonderful hiking trail.

Two Hour Segway Adventure Tou

Segway tour on Clearwater Beach, Florida

Explore the Beachwalk.  Take in the breathtaking views on the Memorial Causeway.  Zip past the marina and take in the splendor shade of the Harbor Oaks historic homes district.  A great overview of the entire city of Clearwater Beach.

Celebration Station

Bumper boats at Celebration Station, Clearwater, Florida

Celebration Station offers a park arcade extravaganza of over 100 games, batting cages, miniature golf, air hockey, pool tables, go-karts, bumper boats, and even laser tag.  And don't forget there are also amble snack bar selections, as well as pizza for your hungry crew.

Pier 60

Pier 60 entrance Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach's Pier 60 is probably one of the most iconic scenic photo destinations on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  It has amazing panorama sunsets views that are guaranteed to please.  This pier is so much more than your average fishing pier.  It includes a recreational park with it's own beach playground, bait house, snack shop, and souvenirs,  

Deep Sea Fishing

Tons of deep sea fishing charters available in Clearwater Beach, Florida

Amberjack, barracuda, mackerel, mahi mahi, marlin and being the "Grouper capital of the World -- all make for a fisherman's dream vacation and can be found in Clearwater Beach's sports fishing mecca of charter boat excursions.  There are plenty of fine expert fishing charters to choose from.

Sand Key Park


When it comes to barrier islands, Clearwater Beach has a few, but Sand Key Park is among Dream Travel Today's top picks.  Sand Key Park has picnic tables, grills, a playground, volleyball nets, outdoor showers, restrooms and a even a dog park.  Not only that -- You can commune with nature at its finest among salt marshes where bird watchers and nature lovers can spot herons, spoonbills, turtles, and even owls.   

Clearwater Beach, FL

Check out this great video of a playful dolphin near Clearwater, Florida

Florida Beach Warning Flags in English/Spanish

Clearwater Beach Warning Flags

Lifeguard Warning Flag Systems - What Do Beach Warning Flags Mean?

Here at Dream Travel Today, one of our missions is to keep our clients informed when it comes to safe travel, especially when it comes to "water safety"  since many of our clients love to book cruises. Almost all cruises, will include a port destination that most certainly has water related activities.  Most cruise port destinations are beach locations, with water related beach excursion opportunities. 

So many people, both locals and tourists - know nothing about beach warning flags systems here in the US -- especially the most important double red flag warning "Water Closure Flags."  Regardless of  whether a lifeguard tower is manned, or simply marked with "No Lifeguard on Duty"  -- It's important that everyone (even children) be taught what each of the different colored flags mean in terms of water safety.  Here's the skinny from the State of Florida and our beach flag warning system.

Tragically, over 3,500 people drown each year in the ocean waters off the U.S. coasts.  Clearwater Beach is no exception to such unnecessary and unfortunately preventable deaths each year -- when a wonderful day at the beach can suddenly turn deadly.  

All of our beach communities in Florida are especially prone to rip currents - an ocean phenomenon that occurs when narrow channels of fast moving water move water quickly out to sea.  They can be highly deceiving looking n that the water surface can look quiet calm, but underneath hides a rip current.

Recently in Clearwater, a father and son managed to survive a harrowing experience at Clearwater Beach that well illustrates the seriousness of such rip current events.  Check out what they had to say after surviving one.

Beach warning flags are often not heeded,  when dangerous conditions exist --  often cannot end well.  With both tropical storms and hurricanes, a yearly seasonal reality,  both sometimes brings out curious people who unwittingly pay no attention to beach warning flags.  They sadly put both themselves and those trying to rescue them in grave danger of drowning.  Don't be one of them -- know what the different color flags mean and heed their cautions.

Be Smart About Water Closure Flags!!


Learn More About Dangerous Rip Currents

Water Safety -- While on vacation it is everyone's responsibility to both educate themselves and their entourage -- so that your dream vacation is never a bad memory and always one of fond rememberances of good times.  There are important lessons you need to learn regardless of how far or near you travel when it comes to water safety -- all about rip currents and how to survive them.

Find out more Rip Currents From Tips2SurviveRips

Rip Current Science

Check out this great video