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What's Included in the Price of a Cruise?

Here at Dream Travel Today we work directly with a large number of cruise lines with an equally massive number of cruise ships, destinations, dates, and a multitude of packages.  Taking a cruise vacation is the embodiment of getting the most personalized value for your dollars.  However, selection of the perfect cruise vacation is a highly detailed task best left up to professionals.

There are cruise vacations to delight the budget conscious and most expensive of tastes and everywhere inbetween.  The price of the cruise depends your choice of accommodations, the number in your party, on board activities, onshore excursions you select, and so much more!  

The first thing you should remember is that there is never ever a travel agent fee.  Your bookings are directly through negotiated prices and added values made by our travel agency host, Anywhere, Inc. of which we are pround affiliates.  

Keep in mind that cruising is truly the best $$ value for any vacation -  simply because most expenses are already included in the price of your selected cruise.  You'll know exactly what your cruise costs the moment you decide to book it.  Many cruises today are "all inclusive" including lots of special options such as "free unlimited shore excursions: complimentary beverage packages, and crew gratuties" -- just to name a few of the possible temptations you might select from.

Your only extra expenses are strictly optional such as drinks, specialty restaurants, optional shore excursions, spa services and purchases while on board or ashore.

What types of cruises are offered?

There are all kinds of ships, large, small and inbetween.  Ships can be anything from a riverboat to a luxury yacht, or huge several football fields long vessels. 

Additionally, there are holiday cruises; cruises for the disabled; entertainment cruises; expedition cruises; family cruises; Gay & Lesbian cruises; gourmet food cruises; group & theme cruises; luxury cruises; romantic cruises, singles cruises; spring break cruises; transatlantic cruises; and world cruises.

It all depends on what you want for your cruise vacation.  

Where Can I Go on a Cruise?

With three quarters of the earth covered by water your cruise options are pretty much only limited by your imagination and perhaps your budget.  There are at least five hundred international ports and over thirty of them are located in the continental U.S. plus islands and territories.

Are Cruises Family Friendly?

With over 30% of all cruises being booked by families it's no wonder that cruises are one of the most popular hassle free ways to travel with children of all ages.

Now more than ever the newest ships are being built and refurbished with family amenities in mind.  A lot of the on board amenities are wonderful theme park like venues with something for all ages.   All of the top cruise lines have specific ships geared towards kids.  This especially includes (but is not limited to):  

Royal Caribbean ships: Allure, Anthem, Harmony, Oasis of the Sea, and Symphony.

Norwegian ships: Breakaway, Epic, Escape and Getaway.

Carnival Cruise ships:  Breeze, Dream, Magic, and Vista.

Disney Cruise ships: Disney Dream, Fantasy, and Magic.

Princess Cruise ships:  Crown, Emeral Princess, Regal, and Royal.

Deposits & Payments

Deposits on all cruise deals can vary greatly from one cruise line to another and often cruise lines will offer highly discounted specials that differ from their usual deposit rules.  Always speak with your Dream Travel Today agent first to determine the required deposit.

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Will I Need a Passport or other ID?

It's highly advised that all U.S. Citizens have a valid passport even though on closed-loop cruises (ones that begin and end in the US) do not necessarily need one.  

Not only is this the general rule for most cruises, but even though since June of 2009, U.S. citizens are not always in need of a U.S. passport, but on some trips you may to show alternative proof of citizenship in lieu of a passport -- by way of an original with a raised seal or certified copy of their birth certificate; or a passport card; a laminated state issued picture ID such as a driver's license; or Certificate of Naturalization.

Don't forget that all children are required to bring proof of citizenship, and if they are over the age of 16 - they will need a photo ID too.

Certain ports require that you have a passport for disembarkation, others don't.  Why take a chance and find your cruise trip dampened by not being able to participate in exciting land excursions?

However, that said remember -- passports are required for all travelers, including citizens of the U.S. and Canada -- if the cruise enters and re-enters another country.  The rules change from country to country ports -- so the best answer for almost all cruise destinations is "Take and have a valid passport."

Are Cruises For Single People?

Of course, they are!  Cruises are a great place to meet new people, not only individually, but also to launch new friendships that could potentially last a life time.  Ship lines now offer single staterooms and some cruises are even specifically designed around the single dating scene.

Today, millennials especially are especially fond of groups for singles cruises.  Some ship lines also include person/double occupancy rates.  Such trips are also great for groups of single friends who already know each other and want to potentially add to their friendship circle.

Honey Moon Cruises

For many couples a cruise offers the perfect stress free honeymoon destination.  Nothing says "romance" better than the inimate cozy dinners awaiting in your cabin.  Or perhaps a nitely stroll on the starry deck where the two of you can launch the dreams for your future.  There are plenty of oppotunites onboard for dancing and continuing the celebration of your new adventure in life as a married couple.  Many cruise lines offer special services, such as breakfast in bed and champagne on ice awaiting your arrival.

Cruise Weddings & Wedding Destination Cruises

For generations couples have sailed into married life by getting married on board a cruise; enjoying destination weddings and reception both onboard and onshore.  Additionally, there's nothing more romantic than vow renewal on a passionate cruise to your soon to be favorite cruise destination.

What Are My Air/Sea Cruise Package Options?

Often choosing an air/sea cruise package can save you $$ as they can also give you seamless connections and reduced price upgrades along with a cost savings.  Your Dream Travel Worldwide agent can also make such arrangements a lot easier than you trying to do this for yourself.  

An added layer of such air/cruise bookings is that if there are travel delays or disruptions you are pretty much guaranteed prompt attention and solutions to such headaches.

Additionally, air packages will often include airport transfers, but always be sure to determine if this transfer is included in your air package as it varies. 

Problem: I Have Dietary Restrictions

The good news is that virtually all cruise lines today are making a real effort to accommodate dietary restrictions.  The key to helping them do so is to alert them as soon as possible, preferably at the time of booking.  Failing that also make contact with the restaurant manager on the first day.  With so many dining opens and restaurants on ships today, it's best to limit your dining to a few restaurants that are attentive and understand your needs rather than trying your luck at a different one every meal.