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Grand Canyon

Flights Over the Grand Canyon

Flight Over Grand Canyon

If you've never taken a helicopter ride, flying over the Grand Canyon will make you forget any fears or nervousness as your smooth take off takes you to see sights you'll remember for a lifetime.

There are helicopter rides that:

  • Include a Grand Canyon Floor Landing
  • Others take you to both below the rim and then at rim level
  • Another helicopter ride not only lands on the floor of the Grand Canyon for a picnic
  • Another helicopter excursion includes a Colorado River and Black Canyon River raft float trip

Desert View Watch Tower

Desert View Watch Tower

This 1930s historic stone tower (designed by architect Mary Colter) is situated in the perfect place to view both Hopi and Navajo Indian lands.  It also represents a great way of featuring the historical and cultural perspectives of those peoples as it provides a place for cultural demonstrations.  It features Hopi artist, Fred Kabotie murals that are guaranteed to delight and inspire.

From this vantage point you can also see the Painted Desert and the Colorado River.

South Kaibab Trail at Cedar Ridge

South Kaibab Trail at Cedar Ridge

If you are into hiking, the South Kaibab Trail at Cedar Ridge is a wonderful not too long trek trail near the Grand Canyon.  It is especially delightful in the spring and cooler months in the fall through November.

Now you may find that you will share this trail with horses.  You'll also find that desert blooms after a rain of wild flowers will not only bring out the photographer in you -- but also show you wildlife in the most unexpected moments.   

South Kaibab Trail is also popular with our feathered friends and those of us who enjoy birding.  Keep in mind though while its an easy hike down but expect an aerobic workout coming back up.

Guano Point

Guano Point

If you long to see 360 degree views of the Grand Canyon, Guano Point will not disappoint.  This adveure Guano Pointe is strictly for the sure-footed as there are no railings if you decided to take the "Highpoint Hike" for those coveted 360 degree photo opd.

If you aren't the athletic type, don't despair -- there's the Guano Deli for snacking on the edge of the Grand Canyon and plenty of shopping for arts, crafts, and jewelry in the local Hualapai Market.

North RIm Canyon Mule Ride

North Rim Canyon Mule Ride

You haven't really seen the Grand Canyon if you only view it from the top or the sky.  The complete picture of the grandeur of the Grand Canyon needs to include a journey to the depths of the canyon.  

There are several modern day mule trips that vary in duration.  They are quite safe and a whole lot of fun.  It's a little scary for the humans but the sturdy mules take the whole trip in stride with seemingly not a care.  This is one travel adventure guaranteed to never be forgotten.

Grand Canyon Water Rafting

Grand Canyon Water Rafting

Talk about extreme fun, at least for those inclined to get their heart racing traversing Colorado River water rafting through the Grand Canyon.  

  • Some of these white water rafting trips through the canyon include hiking and water rafting.  
  • Others will be wild (but safe) river rapids that will leave the participants definitely breathless at certain moments.  
  • Water rafting trips can be from one day to multi-day camping experiences at the Grand Canyon National Park.

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