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2.1 Million Smart Phones Stolen by Pickpockets This Year

Anti-Pickpocket Travel Accessories

Safe Travel Accessories - Anti-Pickpocket

Safe Travel Accessories Anti-pickpocket Product Reviews - For centuries people have sought to minimize the chances of pickpocket and theft while traveling.  Even generations ago there were patterns and instruction for sewing hidden pockets into items of clothing, especially during times of great stress, such as wars, uprisings, massive migrations, and just the dangers on the road in times when there was very little law or deterrence for robberies.  

Just one hundred years ago there were 1.6 billion people on earth.  Today, there are almost 8 billion people worldwide.  It’s hard to imagine how many 8 billion people are.  However,  if you have traveled lately to any of the over tourism sites around the world, like Venice, Barcelona, or Bangkok during peak tourist season or when several cruise ships docked at the same time -- you’ve have an inkling of how crowded any place can be.  And with crowds, so comes the higher odds that you are at risk from thefts and pickpockets, even armed-robbery in some of the nicest places on earth.

Safe travel safety should be just the common sense precautions all business travelers and tourists take to insure that their dream vacations or travel is not marred by unpleasant and scary situations.  I say that as someone who has traveled extensively.  There was the time pickpockets targeted one member of our party and lifted his passport from his cargo pants within hours of arriving in Rome.  One whole day spent at the Embassy to get a new one, not to mention the expense.  

There was the time in Hong Kong a wallet was stolen out of a back pocket by use of a razor slicing the pocket without even any awareness that was happening.  There was nothing we could do about that.  No clue as to who had done it or even how long ago, walking in a crowded market.   Another time in Bangkok, at  a 5 star hotel, the room door was left open while several members were in the room.  And yet, someone managed to slip in and steal a wallet with several thousand dollars in it.  

In St. Louis, Missouri someone asked for directions while their companion spirited away two pieces of luggage.  In Madrid, a gang of youthful individuals surrounded one member of our party in an effort to get a backpack he’d laid down beside him.  And none of us are going to forget the time at the baggage claim horror in a third world country where military men with machine guns rifled through everyone’s luggage on the floor apparently legally, and helped themselves at times.  These are just a few real life examples.  

Dream Travel Today therefore takes seriously the need to educate travelers to take a proactive approach towards anti-theft.  Our top travel product recommendations and reviews are carefully considered to help others be proactive in taking charge of their own travel safety.  Here are some travel product clothing accessories that 

Dream Travel Today recommends when it comes to travel clothing accessories:

AIKELIDA RFD Blocking Travel Wallet - Money Belt and Passport Holder -- What we liked is the RFID Blocking feature as an added benefit to protect your credit cards and passports from illegal scanning.  The money belt has two zippered compartments, three other great pockets to keep ID, credit cards, passport, money, and even your smartphone safe and securely hidden under your clothes.  It’s inexpensive and well-made.  

Stashbandz Unisex Travel Money Belt - There are so many unique things about this extra wide spandex money belt, because in fact it is a travel product that goes way beyond just another travel safety product.  It’s fashion forward and comes in trendy colors: Blue, lime, purple, aqua, beige, gray, and black.  It has four large pockets that open at the top with a fold over flap to secure the items.  The pockets are 6” deep and 8’ long.  It’s made out of breathable quick-dry Spandex so even on hot and sweaty days you’re still cool.  

When it comes to protecting your smartphone - it works for any model, any size cellphone (both vertically and horizontally).  Two pockets are in front, with a fold over that conceals their presence for added security.  The two back pockets are of the same size.  The possibilities of what you can carry in this money belt are unlimited but what makes it extra special is it actually fits insulin pumps, chemo pumps, and LVAD.  And if you are wanting a little tummy control, lol, there’s that feature.  Comfortable, non-binding, it’s perfect for travel, yet handy enough for running, workouts, and travel and of course, for money, ID, and credit cards.  

Genovega Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket - Popular and trending currently are a variety of manufacturer’s of these infinity pocket scarves, but this one is especially silky and soft, but still washable.  They come in several colors: Gray, beige, wine red, navy, light blue, duck blue, and a darker duck gray.  Cellphones, passports, smartphones (of all sizes, keys, ID, money, and credit cards easily fit into the hidden zippered pocket.  Great fashion for travel, everyday use, and commuting on public transportation.  Not so sure as word gets out that they are as travel safe for would-be robbers if obviously a lot of tourists are suddenly wearing them.  Just a thought.  Still very practical.  

AIKELIDA RFID Travel Wallet - Money Belt & Passport Holder

Stashbandz Unisex Money Belt

Genovega Infinity Scarf With Hidden Pocket