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Safe Travel Includes Being Both Aware and Proactive When It Comes to an Anti-Theft Mindset.  Avoid p

Travel Safe Clothing With Hidden Pockets

Pickpocket and Anti-Theft Clothing and Accessories Review 2019

The world is fraught with those who would gladly and easily like to remove you from your money and possessions.  It doesn’t matter where in the world you travel, there is no place on earth where we can afford to not be on guard when it comes to thefts, especially when traveling.  Living in a popular vacation destination it is not lost on us locals that what many tourists consider to be the happiest (and implied safest) place in the United States, is anything but safe when it comes to theft.

The need for pickpocket proof clothing and accessories has become a clever and popular trend for tourists and even for everyday locals in some vacation destinations.  This is not only true of high tourist destinations, but also in a world where thefts of electronics such as smartphones, makes it very attractive for those inclined to steal from others.  Smart travelers can be proactive and make such losses less likely to happen by purchasing hidden pocket and other would be deterrent clothing and accessories.  Not only are they fashion forward trends, but they are now affordable and handy for everyday use, not just for travel.

Let’s take a look at Dream Travel Today’s top picks for anti-pickpocket gear, clothing and accessories:

Our absolute favorite trending anti-pickpocket clothing article are the very fine t-shirts now making the fashion scene by a variety of manufacturers.  We predict that this one secret pocket fashion statement isn’t going to prove to be just for safe travel but for the bigger convenience of having your hands free - especially if you are a mom or dad with kids in tow.  They are also great for concerts, festivals, theme parks, beaches, shopping and other crowded places where you don’t want the added burden of having to keep track of your cash, ID, or credit cards.  Dream Travel Today’s favorites are:

The Clever Travel Companion Ladies V-Neck Fitted Women’s T-shirts that come in black, gray, purple and white.  They are lightweight, comfortable, made of mostly cotton with spandex so they are temperature friendly regardless of the weather.  Both hidden pockets zippers will not set off security scans.

Pickpocket Proof Crew Neck Men's T-Shirt that comes with 2 hidden zipper pockets.  The colors are limited to gray and black.  These pockets are placed lower for easy of access and are large enough for cell phone, cash, credit cards, and even passports.

Clever Travel Companion Unisex Tank Top - This one has a nice front secret pocket and comes in black, white, and gray.  The hidden pocket is very invisible and large enough for cellphone, cash, credit cards, and passports.  It’s 100% cotton and perfect for hot summer or beach days whether traveling or at home.

Of course, anti-theft clothing also needs to be functional for long-distance traveling and for climates and all kinds of weather, so let’s not forget the coats and ever popular sweatshirts we all need and use.  These are Dream Travel Today’s favorites:

BOMBAX Travel Multi-pocket Jacket for Men - A classic looking jacket with so many cool features, such as: 6 in 1 multi-pockets travel bomber jacket comes with 10 practical hidden pockets, which includes neck pillow, eye mask, tablet pocket, passport pocket, sunglasses pocket and a pocket for your phone.  It also has a place for a drink, a blanket, and hand warming gloves built in, along with a change pocket or earphone holder, and a  pen to cover just about anything you’d need on a trip or daily commute. It only comes in black. 

BOMBAX Women Travel Sweatshirt Hoodie that has ten pockets and even a pillow.  16 in 1 multi-pocket travel sweatshirt will guarantee you’ll never go without your important travel documents, tablet, phone, glasses, pen or fresh drinks. It comes in both black and a very nice blue. Stop fumbling and frantically looking for your passport or other travel essentials. It will save you time when going through security and keep your valuables close and secure.  The best is the built in pillow and travel face and eye mask. 

All of the above recommended safe travel clothing products were chosen with careful consideration towards, functionality, quality of product, and a good price point for the value recived.

Pickpocket and Anti-Theft Clothing and Acccessories

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