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Map of Italy (Italia)

Top Best Places in Italy

Best Places in Italy to Vacation

Some of the best places in Italy to vacation are difficult to put into categories.  There are beaches in Italy.  There are castles in Italy.  There are wonderful caves and cenotes in Italy.  Italy has the Italian Alps, the Italian Riviera, magical islands, lakes, mountains, and wonderful ancient cities, and most of all a rich and fascinating history.  I can't imagine anyone going to Italy and not falling in love with it.  

Here at Dream Travel Today, there are always ongoing blogs about this ever popular vacation spot.  Some of them center on the places themselves, and others are intended to bring insight into Italy's vacation destinations that are vital to protect and respect.  Italians love their millions of visitors but are also dealing with overwhelming over-tourism issues unique to their country.  

We hope you'll keep checking back for Italian vacation ideas, as well as enjoy some of our more in-depth articles on the best places in Italy to vacation and top things to do in Italy. 

Fun Facts About Italy

  • All three of Europe’s only active volcanoes are in Italy (Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius).

  • Italy has more earthquakes than anywhere else in Europe. 

  • Italians have been making and eating pasta for more than sixteen hundred and nineteen years. Gelato has been served since the 1600s.  But pizza has only been around for a little over 150 years.  

Best Places in Italy

Lake Iseo, Monte Islo, Italy

Lake Iseo, Italy

Lake Iseo, Monte Islo, Italy — Smaller lake, definitely not touristy, and wonderful to hike around.  Small towns clustered around it with restaurants, boutique shops, sidewalk cafes.  Tranquil and easy to get to both by car or train. 

Grotta Palazzese Ristorante & polignano a mare cave, Puglia, italy

Grotta Palazzese Ristorante & Polignano A Mare Cave, Puglia, Italy

Grotto Palazzese Restaurant, Polignano A Mare Cave, Puglia, Italy -- set inside a natural cave with a portal to the stars and beyond, it's been a dining and party place for more than three hundred years making it one of the best places in Italy.  The restaurant itself is considered to be one of the top places in Italy for a romantic dinner of a lifetime. 

The breathtaking views combined with natural light and panoramic views make just about any time of the day or night magical.  Add today's traditional Apulian dishes under gourmet chef expertise and you have a foodie's delightful experience not to be forgotten. 

Stairs to La Verna

Stairs to La Verna, Casentino, Tuscany, Italy

Stairs to La Verna, Casentino, Tuscany,  Italy - certainly any pilgrim on a trek along the way of St.Francis, both remote and peaceful includes eighteen frescoes, illustrating St. Francis and the life he led. Be sure to understand this is not an easy hike or trail but so worth the effort if you are up to it. 

Legend has it that St. Francis found refuge in that crevice when the Devil tried to push him down the precipice - the rock itself wrapped itself around him as if it was soft wax sheltering him from the fall.

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Fontana Di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy  — do you long for reliving the old iconic 1950s movie “Three Coins in a Fountain?” Set in a time when the myth of Fontana di Trevi could decide your fate, just by the number of coins you tossed in it. 

One coin = a return trip to Rome; Two coins = meeting an Italian dream lover and; three coins = you’ll marry the Italian you met and live happily ever after. Sigh. If only life were just that simple.

Polignano di Mare, italy

Polignano Di Mare, Italy

Polignano di Mare, Italy - centuries old quaint town with panoramic views, a beach with crystal clear waters, limestone cliff diving,  and even the annual Red Bull diving competition it’s no wonder 

PolignAno di Mare is one Italian medieval town to include on seeing at least once if not more.

Dolomites, south tyrol, Italy

Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy

Dolomites, South Tyrol, Italy — surreal and awe inspiring the Italian Dolomites whisper “come here” to hikers, skiers, and bikers, despite the fact that outside of Europe most people don’t know this nature lovers craggy paradise. 

You need to see this mind boggling terrain to understand the peace you’ll feel just being present surrounded by Mother Nature’s grandness.

Be Sure to Pack Binoculars for Up Close Views of Italy

Best Places in Italy

Tunnel of Trees, Migliarino, san rossore, pisa, italy

Tunnel of Trees, Migliarino, San Rossore, Pisa, Italy

Tunnel of Trees, Migliarino, San Rossore, Pisa, Italy — magical, hand planted Italian trees that have been there “like forever” to quote the six year old when she saw a picture of them. There’s something special whenever you encounter a tunnel of trees - it had to be a labor of both love and a vision of what it would look like long after the people who planted them were dead and buried.  A legacy of trees, that’s what seems so special.

Valley of the Lights, Trompia valley, Italy

Valley of the Lights, Trompia Valley, Italy

Valley of the Lights, Trompia Valley, Italy — looking from above towards  the foothills of the Brescia Alps, there are over seventy miles of roads and hiking trails that at night  from afar look like a surreal sea of lights pointing the way to a far off mysterious places and things unimaginably beautiful.   Making this breathtaking view one of the top best places in Italy.

La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia, Italy

La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia, Italy

La Pelosa Beach, Sardinia, Italy — waits water so clear and shallow you’d almost swear you were in a swimming pool instead of the ocean along side of a pristine white sand beach it’s understandable why this beach is popular with locals and tourists alike.  Snack bar and refreshments available along with beach umbrellas and chairs.

The Almafi Coast, Italy

The Almalfi Coast, Postiano, Italy

The Almafi Coast, Postiano, Italy — where at night by the cliff-side sea underneath twinkling stars and lights, there’s a certain Italian love song endlessly playing a long ago forgotten tune about its pebbled beach, steep narrow winding streets overspilled with boutiques, sidewalk cafes, hiking trails waiting to be explored and the romance of just being alive and in love with Italy.

Bridge of Tiberus, Rimini, Italy

Bridge of Tiberus, Rimini, Italy

Bridge of Tiberius, Rimini, Italy (Ponte di Tiberio) -- aka Bridge of Augustus is a true testament to being a survivor.  This Roman Bridge, finished in 20 AD is the only surviving bridge not destroyed by the Germans during the Battle of Rimini in WWII.  Any traveling to Italy should put this bridge of one of the best places in Italy for a photo selfie.

Ruins At PompeiI, Italy

Ruins at Pompeii, Italy

Frozen in time in the ruins of Pompeii, Italy are both the every days lives and the horror of the days when Mt. Vesuvius destroyed this Roman city just outside Naples, Italy.  Even today new insights into Roman lives are finally being uncovered and understood.  Lessons valuable to know in the truth about why their civiliztion failed.