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Traveling With Babies & Toddlers On Airlines

Airline Travel Baby Strollers

Review of Airline Travel Baby and Toddler Strollers 2019

With most airlines those who are travelling with babies and toddlers are allowed one (1) stroller and one (1) car seat to be checked free of charge, and only one of which can be checked at the gate, the other must be checked at the ticket counter.  And in addition to your own carry on luggage or hand luggage, anyone traveling with kids knows that you absolutely need a travel stroller (one that packs up small and fits into either the overhead baggage compartment or ideally under your seat.  Sounds like an impossible dream?  Not really anymore.  

Travel strollers in 2019 are especially designed for airplane travel and they are not only light and portable and so compact that they can be considered carry on luggage!  If you’ve ever dealt with a sleepy and heavy toddler while waiting to board the plane or after getting off the plane while trying to retrieve your checked luggage -- no one has to preach to the parent choir. on that subject  With these newest compact travel strollers you can open them easily into the aisle, put baby (or toddler) in buckle them in, and head to baggage reclaim with ease.  

We determined that the best travel strollers needed to be both lightweight, yet small and compact enough to store, but also have the  “must have” three features that all moms and dads expect to find in any stroller -- (1) to be able to recline; (2) have a sun canopy, and (3) have a basket beneath the carriage for carrying needed items.  Added to that is the “wants” when it comes to travel strollers, namely  -- ease of folding, preferably with just one hand and of course price.  When it comes to price, well -- today’s reality is that regular strollers and travel strollers both share one common thing -- sadly they aren’t easy on the pocketbook. That said, just keep in mind that travel strollers might make more sense for even days when you aren’t travelling but maybe shopping or at a local theme park.  

We all know that kid stuff gets real heavy and real old lugging around everyday, not just when we are traveling. Using compact travel strollers for road trips might be the solution to  lifting heavy and awkward  stollers in and out of our cars and eliminate some of the backbreaking daily routines all parents struggle with.

Dream Travel Today has reviewed and analyzed the top four travel strollers for airline travel, and here are our picks:

BabyZen Yo Yo Plus:  Top of the line in favorites is the newest in the BabyZen Yo Yo travel strollers, but our pick is solely the BabyZen Yo Yo Plus model, not the earlier version minus the Plus.  It’s tied for being one of the heaviest of travel strollers on this review, but may be for some the right choice in travel stroller.  Pros:  Storage bag; strap; compact; sturdy; multi-recline; canopy, rain cover; basket.  Cons: Pricey.   Price Point Range: Around $500.

Our second pick is the GB Pockit Stroller Plus -- We love it because it because it weighs a mere 9.5 pounds (4.4kgs).  That alone makes it a mom favorite, but it gets even better -- this travel stroller folds to 11.8 inches x 7 inches x 13.8 inches and definitely makes it airline carry on friendly.  Pros: Size and weight, ease of folding up; can fit in overhead bins and under some airline seats.  This Plus version does recline.  Cons:  Does not come with a carrying bag or straps to carry it. Handles don’t do well for having a bag or purse over them.  Sun canopy not as ample as it should be.  Price Point Range:  Around $220.  

Third in line for top baby travel stroller is the UPPA Baby G-Lite, Denny:  It’s only a pound and a half more than the GB Pockit Stroller mentioned above.  At 11 pounds (4.99kgs) it has some features that definitely put it in the top four of our recommendations.  Pros: Seat is breathable mesh; has a basket; adequate canopy; added bonus of a cup holder; price.  Cons: Recline feature isn’t as laid back as others. Price Point Range:  Around $199.

Lastly, we also recommend the Summer Infant 3D Lite, who at 13 lbs (6.2kgs) is tied for being among the heaviest of our picks, but also has redeeming qualities that make it desirable for airline travel.  Pros: Recline feature to almost flat position; carry strap; folds compact; sturdy; price; cup holder; back pocket; a basket.  Cons: Not for long legged older toddlers.  Price Point Range:  Around $70.

All products featured in this review are independently selected based on our research and product use opinions. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an Amazon Associate commission. travel baby stroller

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